Oct. 6, 2020

Sustainable Green Building Design and LEED Certification

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Daniel Overbey of Browning Day talks about Green Building Design, Sustainability, and LEED Certification. Learn how green design incorporates energy savings, water conservation and waste reductions to achieve a more efficient, economic, and environmentally friendly buildings. There are also financial incentives to help justify incorporating these design elements in your projects. Check out this informative episode!

Dan OverbeyProfile Photo

Dan Overbey

Director of Sustainability for Browning Day, LEED Fellow, Assist Professor of Architecture at Ball State University

Daniel Overbey, AIA, LEED Fellow, is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at Ball State University and the Director of Sustainability for Browning Day in Indianapolis. His work focuses on high- performance building design and construction, environmental systems research, green building certification services, energy/ life-cycle assessment modeling, and resilient design. Daniel has offered sustainable design leadership on a number of high-profile green building projects including the first certified zero net energy building in Indiana. Daniel is also a committed volunteer at the local, state, and national levels of the American Institute of Architects and U.S. Green Building Council.