Joel Burcat podcast

Love environmental thrillers so looking forward to reading his books. And he is a PA neighbor!

Just way the environmental industry needs!

Great podcast provided by Sean Grady! The topics discussed and selected guests are quite timely as we focus on environmental issues facing us today. Keep up the wonderful work!

Love the range of topics!

Shout out to Sean and his all star line up of guests. The Environmental Transformation Podcasts covers a huge range of environmental and sustainability topics in an educational and entertaining format.

The Environmental Transformation Podcast

Great information and perspective concerning individual contributions. I like how it shows that simple changes in our daily routines can have very large and positive effects on the environment. The actions of many millions of people provide great changes, and very fast, be one of them!

Podcast for solar junkies.

Cerebral, informative, great give and take, always interesting for PHD to nerd scientists that possesses a heart to learn about reducing The carbon footprint for America and the world, will always be found on this dynamic podcast. Time well spent listening to the movers and shakers explaining th…

Knowledgeable, spirited, and inspiring

Sean knowledge and flair for spirited and informative conversation is infectious. He’s a great interviewer who picks engaging topics and guests. Highly recommended.

Green is good.

We need to thoroughly and totally shift from “greed is good” - and an economics geared to shareholder r.o.i - to a world in which every business decision is a green decision, because that’s what we all have a stake in. We will make this transition one informed choice at a time, and there’s no bette…

Love this podcast!

Sean Grady has a knack for finding speakers for all the environmental topics I want to hear about. I really appreciate his down-to-earth, practical approach that makes every subject accessible.

Great podcast operating in a unique lane

This podcast goes beyond the talking points of environmental regulation and emerging technologies to offer an in-depth, accessible dialog with industry leaders. I value and appreciate the unique lane in which this podcast operates. Fantastic work!

We love this!

We are really enjoying this! Great work, Sean!