Jan. 19, 2021

“Resetting our Future” Book Series with Publisher Tim Ward

“Resetting our Future” Book Series with Publisher Tim Ward
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Tim Ward, Publisher of the Resetting Our Future Book Series, talks about how he came up with the idea for this series. How he selected the amazing authors and topics for the book series. Tim says, at this critical moment in history, with a pandemic raging, we have an opportunity for a Great Reset - to choose a different future. This series provides a platform for pragmatic thought leaders to share their vision for change based on their deep expertise. For communities and nations struggling to cope with the crisis, these books will provide a burst of hope and energy to help us take the first difficult steps towards a better future. I hope you enjoy the episode. #resettingourfuture


Tim WardProfile Photo

Tim Ward


Tim Ward is the publisher of Changemakers Books, and the creator of the Resetting Our Future book series. He is a communications expert in international development & environment issues, and has authored ten books, including The Master Communicator’s Handbook and Pro Truth: A Practical Plan for Putting Truth Back into Politics.