April 6, 2021

Learn how CEO Bill Hunter is leading Terra Nova Solutions through Effective Leadership, Client Centered Services, and Strategic Acquisitions

CEO Bill Hunter talks about his experience leading companies in the Remedial Contracting, Emergency Response, and Waste Disposal business. Over the past 8 years he has led companies through mergers and acquisitions and has learned a lot along the way. Learn how Bill has used these experiences to start Terra Nova Solutions in December of 2018, and as the CEO has assemble a solid team in a short period of time to position the company for future growth in the ever growing Environmental Industry.

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Bill HunterProfile Photo

Bill Hunter


As President, CEO and Board Member of Terra Nova Solutions, Bill is responsible for the overall quality, strategy, employee development, and trajectory of the company. Bill is a 20+ year veteran of the environmental services industry and has led national teams providing remediation, industrial and waste management services to a wide variety of industries in the United States. Bill’s executive tenure includes managing cross functional teams under private equity, public and family-owned settings since 2006. Prior to joining Terra Nova, Bill served as Vice President of US Sales for National Response Corporation, a $300+ million, global provider of diversified environmental, industrial and response services. Bill’s primary daily tasks are to support the Terra Nova management team and lead by example. Bill earned a Master of Arts in Environmental Geography from the State University of New York at Binghamton.