March 21, 2023

In -Situ Chemistry Evaluation and Selection

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Today we have a panel discussion with today’s guests, Eliot Cooper of Cascade, Dr. Bradley Droy of TEA Environmental Solutions, and Craig Bruno of Landmark Environmental, around the evaluation process of selecting the proper In-Situ Chemistry products.  We also discuss what goes into bringing new chemical amendments to market.  Depending on the site characterization and hydrogeology characteristics, different chemistries may be selected based on the chemical of concern, such as CleanER iZVI, SourceKill, and The Pathfinder.  Listen as we talk about project challenges, what chemistries might be work in certain scenarios, how Cascade Environmental can help, and more.    

Thanks to our Sponsors: Cascade Environmental, The Institute of Hazardous Materials Management, and Pace Analytical

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Craig BrunoProfile Photo

Craig Bruno

Professional Geologist

Craig Bruno specializes in environmental investigations and remediation for subsurface material, groundwater, and buildings. This specialty includes the design and implantation of soil and groundwater characterization programs and the design and implementation of solid and hazardous waste closure and voluntary cleanup plans. Mr. Bruno provides expertise in the development and implementation of Phase II environmental site investigations to address due diligence requirements, risk management, and remediation requirements for complex commercial and industrial property transactions. Mr. Bruno brings a spirit of client advocacy and risk-based problem-solving to projects with multiple stakeholders. In addition, his long-standing asbestos and hazardous building material experience include abatement planning and management of large-scale abatement, demolition, and asbestos-contaminated soil projects.

Dr. Bradley DroyProfile Photo

Dr. Bradley Droy


Dr. Droy is President & CEO of Toxicological & Environmental Associates, Inc. (TEA, Inc.), an environmental consulting firm headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and founded in 1996. Prior to co-founding TEA, Inc., Dr. Droy worked in academia and industry and managed both human health and ecological risk assessment teams for nationally and internationally recognized environmental consulting firms.

Dr. Droy specializes in closing sites using unique vetting, selection, design, and application of in situ remedial products and technologies and risk assessment.

Some key highlights of Dr. Droy’s career include:

• Developed the conceptual approach and co-designed the largest in situ bioremediation project for chlorinated solvents in groundwater that was known at the time in the late 1990’s;

• Worked with NASA scientists and engineers to bring Emulsified Zero-Valent Iron (EZVI; now branded as SourceKill) to the environmental marketplace by co-developing the license agreement for this US Inventor’s Hall of Fame NASA-patented product (TEA, Inc. was the recipient of the first NASA EZVI license in 2003);

• Closed multiple contaminated sites using innovative in situ remedial technologies and risk-based approaches in several states; and

• Worked on over 60 litigation cases, involving a wide variety of subjects including remediation, toxicology, risk assessment, pharmacology, and medically-related health concerns.

Dr. Droy is an expert in the integration of multiple disciplines to achieve site remedial objectives, including, but not limited to: toxicology, risk assessment, remediation engineering, remediation products, hydrogeology, phytoremediation, biogeochemistry, statistics, kinetic analysis, microbiology, environmental chemistry, modeling, and legal/regulatory interpretation and application.

Dr. Droy resides in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida where TEA also maintains a regional office.

Eliot CooperProfile Photo

Eliot Cooper

Vice President of Technology and Business Development

Eliot Cooper is the Vice President of Technology and Business Development. In this role, he helps clients design efficient and cost-effective remedies using high resolution site characterization (HRSC) and a vast array of remediation options. His specialty is finding the right combination of tools and technologies for complex sites, and ensuring every step of the remediation process is optimized to achieve results.

Eliot draws on a career that spans more than 30 years in the environmental remediation industry and includes hundreds of projects nationwide. He’s remediated sites that involved hex chrome, fuel spills, and chlorinated solvents. He specializes in injected remedy delivery, remediation design support, characterization of VOCs, and tackling complex sites by combining multiple remediation technologies.

Eliot previously served at the Environmental Protection Agency in both air pollution and hazardous waste management programs, as well as in the private sector providing thermal combustion and in situ remediation field services. Eliot now leads Cascade's in situ remediation solutions team to evaluate available technologies to meet client goals, provide advanced delivery techniques, and ensure HRSC results in actionable solutions.