Jan. 17, 2023

Clean Bamboo, more Sustainable than Cotton with Phoebe Yu and Kat Dey of Ettitude

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Today’s guests are Phoebe Yu and Kat Dey of Ettitude, a “Purpose Driven” fabric innovation and lifestyle brand making the world's softest, most sustainable materials with their patented and carbon neutral CleanBamboo® manufacturing process.  Learn why Ettitude's CleanBamboo® products are safer for the environment, how all their decisions are focused on creating a more sustainable product while delivering the most luxurious bedding, sleep wear, and personal care products in the market.  Discover all the benefits of CleanBamboo and why its preferred over cotton.  Learn why developing a qualified supplier network is so important to their mission and how becoming a Certified B Corporation has helped them grow their business.  Finally learn how they created a closed loop textile recycling program to upcycle and recycle their customers used bedding and other products and how consumers can buy their products from their on-line store at www.ettitude.com.  Use discount code: enviropod  for a 15% discount.

Thanks to our Sponsors: Cascade Environmental, Center for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE), and Pace Analytical.

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Kat DeyProfile Photo

Kat Dey

President and Co-Founder

Kat Dey is a serial entrepreneur and executive, named one of “35 People to Watch”. She is Co-Founder & President of ettitude (www.ettitude.com), an award-winning material science company with the mission to dramatically reduce the harmful environmental impact of textiles. With its proprietary technologies, ettitude offers sustainable bedding, bath essentials, apparel and a variety of textiles made with CleanBamboo. The manufacturing process is a clean alternative to the highly polluting cotton and viscose textiles. ettitude is Climate Neutral certified and a B Corp. Prior to ettitude, Dey had a decade of experience scaling mission-driven brands. Her prior company was named by Crains NY as the #3 fastest growing company in New York before it was acquired in 2017. Today Dey also serves as advisor and investor in several early stage companies. Prior to her startup journey, Dey held strategy positions at Weight Watchers and Thomson Reuters, and received her MBA from Columbia Business School and her Bachelor’s Degree from Columbia University. Kat and her companies have appeared in Fortune, Forbes, WSJ, LA Times, Today, FOX, BBC and more.

Phoebe YuProfile Photo

Phoebe Yu

CEO and Founder of Ettitude

Phoebe Yu is the Founder and CEO of ettitude, an award-winning material science and lifestyle company with the mission to dramatically reduce textiles' harmful environmental impact. While shopping for her home after moving to Melbourne, Australia, Phoebe spotted an opportunity within the bedding market to create sustainable luxury for less. Her vision of revolutionizing the bedding industry saw Phoebe bridge together her entrepreneurial instincts, passion for sustainability, and understanding of fabric technology. After years of testing materials, weaving and dying techniques, and harnessing a decade of experience in supply chain management, Phoebe perfected and launched ettitude's innovative CleanBamboo fabric in 2014. The manufacturing process is a clean alternative to the highly polluting cotton and viscose textiles. By 2018, ettitude expanded globally, opening a Los Angeles headquarter. ettitude was named an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private company in America in both 2020 & 2021. Before ettitude, Phoebe had founded two international trading and sourcing companies in Asia.