April 27, 2021

Using Strategic Foresight to prepare for the Next Big Disruption with author Bart E’des.

Bart E’des explains the concept of Using Strategic Foresight to prepare for the Next Big Disruption in his new book. Learn the importance of implementing Strategic Foresight and how it can help organizations better prepare for the future.  You will also learn how Foresight improves governance by providing a structured way of exploring different plausible futures, and the challenges and possibilities they could present.  As part of the Foresight methodology see why the horizon (or environment) scan, which seeks to detect early indications of change, including weak signals, and their potential future impacts is so important. When a major transformation is emerging, there will be signals of the change. Being attuned to such signals can enable you to better grasp possible futures.

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Bart E'desProfile Photo

Bart E'des

Policy Analyst, Author, Professor

Bart Édes is a policy analyst, commentator, and author of Learning From Tomorrow: Using Strategic Foresight to Prepare for the Next Big Disruption (2021). He focuses on developing Asian economies, international development, cross-border trade and investment, innovation, social policies, and transformative trends reshaping the world. Since December 2020, he has served as a non-resident Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC, and was named a Distinguished Fellow at the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada in January 2021.