June 15, 2021

HomeBiogas the ultimate organic waste biodigestion system for home and small commercial applications, with CEO and Founder Oshik Efrati.

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HomeBiogas is the ultimate organic waste biodigestion system for home and small commercial applications. Oshik Efrati, CEO and Founder of HomeBiogas, explains how the biodigestion system works and why this is the best organic waste "Upcycling" product on the market. Learn how HomeBiogas is helping people around the world generating their own renewable natural gas from organic waste and producing free and clean cooking gas for their households and businesses. Plus, users get the added benefit of using liquid fertilizer generated from the HomeBiogas system to water their garden, fruit trees, and plants with essential nutrients and minerals to increase plant growth. This is a complete regenerative Closed Loop process that is completely sustainable and ecofriendly. Want to get off the grid? Learn how and check out this episode!

Thanks to our Sponsors: The Institute of Hazardous Materials Management, E-Tank, and Cascade Environmental

#biogas #biodigestion #renewablenaturalgas #renewableenergy #organicwaste #sustainability #closedloop #wastemanagement #climatechange #fertilizer

Oshik EfratiProfile Photo

Oshik Efrati

CEO and Founder

A focused and task-oriented entrepreneur and leader of people. Oshik combines multi-disciplinary technology know-how, product management skills with people skills. Currently, CEO and Founder HomeBiogas LTD.an innovative company, developing a line of Household Biogas systems that treat organic waste, producing methane gas and organic fertilizer.

Military service: Commanded a Special Forces unit, Captain.
Education: Oshik holds a B. Sc. in Marine sciences from Rupin Academic center specializing in water treatment.