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Jeffery McComb

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

As a facilitator, Jeff has worked tirelessly to deliver the necessary resources required to develop the right team to realize the potential of the technology and the company's global mission. From the development of the many application concepts of how the DES will be implemented to designing and building the various delivery apparatus to the detailed attention required to complete the ongoing patent applications, Jeff has persevered on every level. A natural leader, Jeff brings a unique skill set to the team as a former logistics coordinator for several professional sportscar and IndyCar teams over a 13-year career in the industry. From his formative racing years, Jeff maintains a profound capacity to see the big picture and to still define the operation intricacies needed to detail the fine points of the project management role in order to move from goals to realities, much of the results Lisi experiences are because of Jeff's capacity to turn ideas into outcomes.
After graduating from East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania in 1994, Jeff pursued his passion for automobile racing working for several professional teams. His career culminated in a successful nine-year stint as Team Coordinator for two high-profile CART and IndyCar teams, Precision Preparation in California and Adrian Fernandez Racing in Indianapolis where the responsibilities were varied and unrelenting, and the pressure to perform intense.

April 19, 2022

Sustainable Chemical-Free Soil Pest Control utilizing Lisi Global’s D…

Sustainable Chemical-Free Soil Pest Control utilizing Lisi Global ’s Direct Energy System (DES) for the Agricultural and Turf Ind…

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