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Jason Crisp

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jason's experience with leading teams from startup to growth has been key in building Lisi Global. While Jason's vision is key to the future of this patented technology, Jason has never veered from learning - or growing - from technical challenges. A voracious consumer of information from research publications to the latest developments in energy control technology, Jason's commitment to learning (and teaching others along the way), has been the driving force behind the technology's efficacy. With a deeply rooted commitment to understanding why things work, Jason's unwavering capacity to seek knowledge and solve problems through technology and engineering makes him the high level team player he is today. While explaining the science behind a joule and why it's important to measure, you will also find Jason reminiscing about his best moments as an Olympic level kayaker and his favorite restaurant in Holland. With a profound balance between highly motivated and highly approachable, Jason is an incredible visionary for the DES and this team's success.
A graduate of the electrical engineering program at Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis, Jason's experience in high voltage technology is centered in the medical field. As Lead Service Engineer for TriMedix in Indianapolis, Jason was responsible for keeping critical medical imaging equipment (MRI, x-ray, CT scanners, etc.) up and running. 25 years in the industry and many hundreds of hours of manufacturer training has bolstered his understanding of the operation of these high voltage machines. This understanding is critical to the success of the DES technology and the safe development of each iteration.

April 19, 2022

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Sustainable Chemical-Free Soil Pest Control utilizing Lisi Global ’s Direct Energy System (DES) for the Agricultural and Turf Ind…

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