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Dr. Deb Morrison

Author, Activist, Educator

Deb is a climate and anti-oppression activist, scientist, learning scientist, educator, mother, locally elected official, and many other things besides. I share this narrative knowing that all of us are products of our past and the world in which we are situated. We all have histories, connections, and culture that influence our actions, beliefs and assumptions about the world. I too am a result of where I have been, what I have experienced, and the people who have been central to my life and inspired me in the work I do in the world. It is through the transparency of these lived experiences that we come to know each other better, to trust, and to build towards a better future. I work towards this future with a grounding in respect, compassion, and cooperation of all who contribute to our rich community cultural wealth.

March 23, 2021

Empowering Climate Action in the United States with Co-Editors/Author…

Co-Editors/Authors Dr. Deb Morrison and Tom Bowman lay out the Strategic Planning Framework and Goals that the Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) community members put together in a collaborative effort as part of the globa...

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