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Alan Miller recently published a new book on super climate pollutants. He teamed up with co-authors Stephen Andersen and Durwood Zaelke to explain the importance of reducing four key pollutants as a means of rapidly slowing global warming.

Alan was one of the earliest activists for ozone layer protection, including helping Dr. Rowland promote the importance of bans on CFCs to avoid increases in skin cancer and cataracts. He was
a Fulbright scholar in Australia and Japan, worked at Natural Resources Defense Council NRDC and the World Resources Institute (WRI), and founded the Center for Global Change at the University of Maryland before beginning 16 years working on climate change at the World Bank and International Finance Corporation. While at the World Bank, he helped strengthen the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and helped design and implement green
energy projects for developing nations, including wind and solar power plants, energy efficiency improvements, and pilot studies and demonstrations of adaptation to climate change.

Since retiring from the World Bank at the end of 2013, Alan has been a consultant on climate change finance and policy for many national and international agencies, including the US Agency
for International Development, UN Development Program, Sustainable Energy for All, and the Global Commission on Adaptation (to climate change). He is a co-author of the leading
environmental law textbook and has taught at nine universities in four disciplines––law, business, public policy, and natural resources––and is currently an Adjunct Professor at both
American University and the University of Maryland.10

Oct. 26, 2021

“Cut Super Climate Pollutants Now!” In Alan Miller’s new book, we dis…

“ Cut Super Climate Pollutants Now! ” In Alan Miller ’s new book, we discuss what are they and why do they matter in this episode…

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